Matthew Grasso


Concerts, Weddings and Private Engagements

Matthew can perform full-scale concerts, but he is also interested in providing music for other events. If you're planning a wedding or other engagement that would benefit from live classical or North Indian classical music, be sure to contact Matthew.

For more information, please email or call (530) 759-9071


Matthew Grasso teaches at California College of the Arts, Sacramento City College, American River College, and Yuba Community College.

Private Lessons

Matthew also offers private lessons in classical guitar, Indian classical, music composition and theory.

For more information, please email or call (530) 759-9071


Matthew offers lectures on the history and theory behind Indian classical music, the history of multi-string guitars (past to present), the art of transcribing works for the guitar, and microtonal tunings.

Personal Philosophy

“My approach to teaching is not a one size fits all philosophy. Every individual is unique with a certain set of potential talents that I help to harness and develop. I feel learning is never a race, but a unique path to one’s inner growth. I have helped everyone from the serious music student striving for entrance into music colleges, to the amateur picking up music passionately late in life for healing purposes.”