Matthew Grasso

"All music Matthew plays is like Nectar from the Gods!"

Jennarose Whitmore Johnson

“Matt plays with energy, confidence and amazing virtuosity”

Lawrence Ferrara
Concert Guitarist

“I think Matthew Grasso is one of the most original, distinctive and accomplished guitarists that I have ever heard. His technique, intensity, tonal palette, and concentration make his performances unique and unforgettable experiences”

Marc Teicholz
Concert Guitarist

“Guitarist Matthew Grasso playing Joaquin Rodrigo’s “Concierto de Aranjuez” plunged into the difficult work, no holds barred, and with the musical sensitivity and skill that this three-part piece required. That is, exotic Spanish dance rhythms, liveliness, desperation, sorrow and reconciliation were all expressed. Grasso’s playing was astounding.”

Marilyn Mantay
Music Critic

"Guitarist Matthew Grasso plays with such extraordinary grace and beauty that his elegant music appears to be connected with a very deep, calm, meditative state of mind. Which is why I call him a magical musician and a musical magician!"

Brad Slocum
Program Director:
Music At Noon
Westminster Church
Sacramento, CA

Invocation to the Extended Seven String Guitar Released!

Trio Seven Invocations to the Seven String Guitar

The new Trio Seven album is here! This collection of twenty tracks includes the seven-string trio's interpretation of classical favorites and original material by Matt. You can listen to samples and purchas at CD Baby

Visit Matt's YouTube channel!

You don't want to miss the videos of Matt and friends performing that can be found on his YouTube channel, so head there and favorite it today!

Byers Extended 7-string for sale

Luthier: Greg Byers (2005)

Soundboard: spruce

Scale: 650mm

Price: Contact Matthew Grasso

The 7th-string has two extra frets pass the nut (730mm) and three extra frets on the high E-string (22-frets). There is an elevated fingerboard as well.

Settings In A Utopian World

Watch Matt perform Settings In A Utopian World on his 14-Note Octave guitar. The four movement suite uses the 'just intonation' system of tuning, bringing unusual and beautiful sonic textures to unfamiliar western listeners.

7-String Guitar Articles

Check out Matt's article, "Playing the Extended 7-String Classic Guitar". If you're unfamiliar with the 7-string and want to know more, this is a great place to start! Also, be sure to check out an article by luthier Gregory Byers on "Construction of an Extended 7-String Guitar" . Be sure not to miss out on these excellent resources.